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Vaccines Save Lives (Even the Lives of Honeybees)

By March 8, 2024 March 19th, 2024 Blog

Did you know that veterinarians can vaccinate honeybees?

This vaccine is used to protect them against American Foulbrood disease that is caused by Paenibacillus larvae. Now you may be asking, “how do you even vaccinate a honeybee?” The vaccine is administered by mixing it into queen feed that is consumed by the worker bees. The worker bees then incorporate the vaccine into the royal jelly, which is then fed to the queen bee. When she ingests the royal jelly and vaccine mixture, fragments of the vaccine are deposited into her ovaries. Developing larvae will be exposed to these fragments and are granted immunity as they hatch.   

Speaking of vaccines, vaccinating your pets is an important step to take as a pet owner.

Vaccinations are intended to protect our pets from infectious diseases.  Some of these diseases are zoonotic (communicable to humans) while other diseases are highly communicable between pets or between wildlife and pets.  Appropriate vaccinations in our pet population can lead to a reduction in the incidence of disease as well as an improvement in human health.   

There are different vaccine protocols depending on your pet’s lifestyle.

Core vaccinations are recommended for all pets while non-core vaccinations are recommended by veterinarians based on your pet’s lifestyle and medical history. Deciding what vaccines your pet should receive can be a daunting task and we are here to help you decide which vaccines would be best for your pet!  

When vaccinating your pet, it is important to take their previous medical history and lifestyle into account.

Making sure your pets are vaccinated appropriately will protect other pets in the community as well and will help control the spread of disease. Talk to your veterinarian about which vaccines are most appropriate for your furry friend. 

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